Sparrow Meets Safari – the Ethical Union

Recently, our team put their unwavering talent to use, as they always do, and made beautiful tote bags. Well, let’s just say we took it back to the bush! We were thrilled to work with African Bush Camps – a safari company, as they trusted us in adding to their creative brand expression. African Bush Camps’ strong values of working in an environmentally and ethically sustainable manner gelled beautifully with Sparrow Society’s aim to ethically create products with purpose.

It goes without saying that the making of branded or bespoke products is always such a great experience for us. The reason? Every client is different. Which means we get to work with a different product, design and even get the opportunity to be creative through our clients desires.

Our seamstress shows that we take pride in manufacturing our clients branded products

Making custom totes for the different African Bush Camps lodges was more than just another production order for us. It never is. It is an amazing opportunity for our team to work with excellence once again. It may seem simple, but the process of making a tote bag includes different stages that all show the importance of detail. And for us, it’s all about the details.

Having the approved design and having it screen-printed onto the canvas material is always extraordinary to see, as plain canvas (haha!) becomes a base for design and expression. Our team then takes simple fabric and transforms it into an accessory with their incredible sewing skills.

The African Bush Camp tote bags represented a few of their different locations. So, what we did was assign each of our team a location for the totes they made. That sure was fun! The finished product is in the pictures! It also shows in the smile and content feeling of having done a great job!

Our skilled seamstress Limisa with one of the high quality tote bags she made

One thing we are proud to say is how incredible our team is and continues to excell in their skill-level of production. Not only do they constantly deliver, but they also grow in their craft, expertise and skill.

And yes, we still get excited knowing that we have created a high quality product that will be part of someone else’s story; from their day-to-day to event-type experiences. A product that could be a personal splurge 😉, a corporate gift for your clients or a branded product that echoes who you are as a company. Whatever the case, products like these tote bags will be part of people’s experiences and memories. And we get excited partnering with clients to create products with a purpose.

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