Face Masks Made in South Africa

Empowering women

Sparrow Society now also manufactures individual and bulk washable fabric face masks that is made in South Africa and helps protect against Covid19.

Our fabric face masks are ethically and locally made as part of Sparrow Society’s Economic Women Empowerment program, empowering women in South Africa.


Linen and Cotton Face Masks

Masks are available in various fabric options including linen and 100% Cotton in various styles. The masks are made with 3 layers with an inner non woven “filter” layer of fabric and adjustable elastic ties that can be placed around the head or ears. We have found that many of our customers especially love the linen face mask that is available in light grey, charcoal and navy. Super comfortable, soft and we have a special three pack option for R120.00!

Linen Face Mask
Our Linen Three Pack includes a light grey, charcoal and navy mask for R120.


Our range of kids masks are very popular and we continue to add new styles and fabrics regularly. Our favourite at the moment is the STAR RANGE Face Mask that is available in Pink, Blue and Black. We also manufacture kids masks in bulk and supplying to schools. For bulk and wholesale pricing definitely get in touch with our team.

Kids Face Mask
Pink Star Face Mask
Kids Face Mask
Green Cotton Face Mask

African Print Masks

For those that like bright African prints, you will love our 100% Cotton limited edition African print Face Mask! We only have a few masks in each print available, so make sure you get yours soon.

African Print Fabric Face Masks
100% Cotton African Print Masks


BULK and WHOLESALE options are available and face masks can be made to client specifications. We have a variety of fabric, print options and branding available and can produce large quantities. Contact us for wholesale pricing and quote requests.

Bulk fabric face masks
Bulk and Wholesale Fabric Face Masks


Xolelwa, one of Sparrow Society’s seamstresses sewing fabric face masks for clients.

Our fabric face masks made in South Africa are manufactured by Sparrow Society’s team of seamstresses as part of Sparrow Society’s Economic Women Empowerment program in Cape Town, South Africa. Our empowerment programs impacted the lives of over 30 women in Cape Town, of which some have even started their own successful businesses.

If you have any questions with regards to our masks, or require wholesale or bulk pricing, please get in touch or send an email to hello@sparrowsociety.co.za.

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