Ethically Made| Sparrow Society partners with Woolworths

Sparrow Society’s mission to produce high quality, ethically manufactured products proved to be yet another success in our latest partnership with Woolworths. Our exceptional devotion to excellence has resulted in the magnificent WBeauty campaign tote bags becoming the crowning glory in Woolworths stores. This creation has been the first of many in our growing relationship and ethical partnership with Woolworths.

woolworths ethically made
The Sparrow WBeauty Totes are available in Woolworths stores

The unique floral print of the tote bags is printed on white cotton canvas with black synthetic leather straps. This black and white design tote bag isn’t only mesmerizing, but the message behind it is too. Every tote bag made shouts even louder, that making an impact and difference is of great worth. It is says that investing in locally produced products and supporting the local fashion industry is worthwhile for companies like Woolworths.

When shopping, we don’t always ask “Are the makers of the products we purchase worth the value?” Well, are they worth the effort of choosing to support ethical fashion? As Woolworths shows in their manufacturing choice for these beauty bags, the answer is yes. The Woolworths WBeauty totes we made reflect fashion that empowers and uplifts. So, shop the right way and get yourself one of these totes as a free gift when you purchase beauty products at Woolworths stores.

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