Custom Tote Bags ethically manufactured for Carbon Films

branded tote bags
Rozel, our seamstress with the Carbon Films tote bag she made

Custom tote bags made the ethical way has always been our speciality, so when Carbon Films made a request for custom tote bags, guess what we did? We made tote bags from locally sourced fabric coupled with our high quality manufacturing of course! The result was eclectic tote bags of five different designs for this Cape Town based production company.

The black polycotton totes added a different twist with webbing handles, which also brought out the beauty in the different colours of the screen-printed designs.

custom tote bags
Our amazing seamstress Limisa made the “Keyatama White” design tote bags

This was a feat not too big for our Sparrow team, as they made branded tote bags to showcase some of the creative designs by Carbon Films. The only division in our team was choosing our favourite design in all five of the custom tote bags. From the zhizhulu, the ellena lourens, to the Jess Bosworth and both the keyatama in white and black, the designs were very artistic and gave us a step into the art industry.

Carbon Films is a production company based in the heart of Cape Town

Here’s to more fun, creative and adventurous branded tote bags. An even bigger cheer to companies like Carbon Films that support social upliftment and ethical manufacturing.

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