Cosmetic Bags | Custom made for Stila 2019 GWP

Cosmetic Bags with the power to grab attention and make a deep impression comes with more than just a great design. It requires Sparrow Society’s magic hands to make beautiful fabric into a stunning accessory. Stila cosmetics, an international make up brand that has been in the industry for over 20 years, knows about making a lasting impression. At the heart of their brand, they are committed to inspiring every woman to celebrate her authenticity. They may be in an industry seen to focus on fleeting and fading, but their deep business roots bring a permanence to their beauty products. So when they chose us to make their GWP bags, we were glad to partner and continue building our ethical manufacturing footprint.

cosmetic bags
Stila cosmetic bags come in purple, gold and pink

The circle motif design print on the cosmetics bag is simplistic and also creative. The clean design with the regal choice of colours brings a sense of elegance to the design. Printed on cotton canvas fabric, the cosmetics bags come in three colours; purple, pink and gold. The final product looked nothing short of luxurious. Who wouldn’t want to not only put their beauty products in this stunning bag, but also have others gaze upon it. This bag is definitely not to be a hidden gem, but is a perfect sight for sore for eyes!

Beauty usually seems effortless, but also requires work. One thing we demonstrated was the importance of time and diligence in producing high grade cosmetic bags that supersede client’s expectations. Once again, Sparrow Society’s ethically made products are “Stila” show stopper!

Cosmetic Bags
Stila Cosmetic Bags as GWP at the Foshini Beauty Fair

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