Branded &
Promotional Bags

Ethically Made in South Africa

Custom print, design and fabrication of tote bags, zip bags, tshirts and basic fashion.  Fully factored CMT, Research & Development and Ethical Manufacturing Services.

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Changing the World One really cool product at a time

Our Clients are more than just customers, just like our Creators are more than just employees.

Yes, we care about producing high quality products.
And we definitely care about THE PEOPLE who make our products.

But we also care about YOUR brand and making sure our product helps tell your story.

The idea is simple, and it works. We are all in this together, working together to create beautiful products that positively impact REAL people on every side, from start to finish.

Zip Pouches / Cosmetic Bags
Branded & Conference Totes
Branded & Cause Bracelets


We are a brand that cares. We care that you have deadlines and we do whatever it takes to get the job done. With reliable customer service

High Quality

Your brand image matters to us! Low quality promotional products simply won't do. We pride ourselves in offering high quality promotional products, using very strict quality control guidelines.

Ethically Made

All of our products are ethically made according to Fair Trade Principles. Living Wage, Nice working space, normal hours and added RA benefits for all employees!

Fast Shipping worldwide

With reliable couriers and brokers, and registered entities in both USA and South Africa we are able to take the stress out of shipping. Let us handle all the exporting and importing logistics for you.

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